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The Longihood

Usually I don’t sew big. Of course it’s convenient to create stuff that lasts for two years. (Mommies know what I’m talking about…) BUT it’s not the best strategy when you want to create garments with the RIGHT fit. This time I broke my own rule, because my 8-year-old asked me to do so. She dreamed of a cozy, extra long oversized hoodie… Wer mich kennt, der weiss, dass ich nicht gerne „auf Vorrat“ grösser nähe. Dieses Mal bin ich aber gerne über meinen Schatten gesprungen und habe bewusst oversized genäht. Meine Achtjährige wünschte sich ausdrücklich einen kuschelweichen, ultralangen und ziemlich weiten Hoodie…

Sewing for Kindergarten – Blogtour

This post is in English and German.  Dieses Posting ist zweisprachig verfasst, auf Englisch und auf Deutsch.   Do you know the saying: What you see is what you get? Well, that totally fits for Eva. She has this colorful, bubbly personality, loves to talk (a lot) and has – at the age of six – more attitude than Coco Chanel. So, when Mie from Sewing like Mad asked me to join her famous „Sewing-for-Kindergarten-Tour„, I knew that I got to make more than just one outfit for my youngest daughter. We actually need tons of garments to get through one week of Kindergarten.