Month: August 2017

„I wanted to sketch my sewing ideas“

Hello sewing peeps! Today it’s not about me sewing garments. For once I did something what is normally part of my day job as journalist: I interviewed Erica Schmitz. (Erica who? No idea if English speaking people realize, how ordinary the name ,Schmitz‘ for German speaking folks is. But trust me, this Schmitz woman is someone you need to know more about. Especially if you like good ideas, that will make your sewing adventures easier and more exiting.)

Penny Dress around the World

Here I am again writing a blog post in English. That was not the plan, at least not from the beginning. (You need to know that my language skills are based on nine years of school English and steamy romance novels from the States. So please be gentle with me.) I’m on my way to change my whole blog from mainly German to mainly English (with some German exceptions). I realized that my readers are not only from Switzerland or Germany, but from all around the world, Stahlarbeit (which translates to steel work by the way) isn’t that small anymore as well. So that is that. Please let me know how you feel about this!

The Cleo Collection

This posting is in English and German. Dieser Blogeintrag ist zweisprachig verfasst. When Rae from Made by Rae asked me to join the Cleo Skirt Showcase, I was all in. (I mean it: ALL IN.) Because I know her patterns. Because I was in the mood for more than one piece. Because I’m sometimes a crazy lady. Say hi to my Cleo Collection!